PNEUMODIP® Liquid Level Detector

The PneumoDip, dip tube or Bubble Tube is a simple liquid level sensor.  Also known as a Bubble tube or dip tube, the PneumoDip from SB  is useful in situations where accurate level control is required and space in the tank or sump is very limited.

Operating Principle

An air supply at very low flow pressure is fed down the tube.  As the end of the tube is covered with the liquid a back pressure is created.  This is sensed by the PneumoDip control system, which will then generate an output to trigger or other events such as an alarm or pump start/stop signal.

  • High Level Alarms
  • Low Level Alarms
  • Tanks where foam is present
  • Drum / Sump Filling or Emptying with two PneumoDip Tubes
  • Can be very short lengths 50mm for level control in shallow troughs
  • Can be very long (6 metres) for deep sumps
  • Inlet Pressure max 6 bar to the control system, 2-5 psi to the dip tube
  • Operates in temperatures of 0 to +50°C
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel wetted parts
  • Corrosion resistance to many different liquids from complex sulphur chemicals to solvents, paints, inks, food products, rain water, leachate and many more
  • Not suitable for pressurised tanks
  • Tube from other materials e.g PTFE
  • High and low level tubes in combination unit
  • ATEX Approved option available
  • Car Manufacture Paint Plants
  • Printing  Industry for ink, varnish and solvent
  • Food Production
  • Petrol / Chemical
  • Environmental Landfill Leachate run-off tanks
  • Anywhere a liquid level needs to be monitored
  • ATEX approved for use in Class II 2 G Environments  <show LOGO>