01.2 S&SP PNEUMOGEN Membrane Nitrogen Generator

PNEUMOGEN ® Membrane Nitrogen Generator

The Pneumogen is a membrane technology, continuous flow, gaseous Nitrogen Generator that offers a low cost supply. The Nitrogen Generator eliminates the expensive hire and refilling of gas cylinders and the risk during the manual handling of the cylinders.  Requiring little in the way of operator intervention or space, these compact units are quickly and easily installed on-site.  Ideally suited for low-flow applications currently fed by high pressure cylinders of nitrogen. The standard system is designed to maintain a nitrogen blanket over product in tanks and totes and comes with adjustable pulse timers to economically maintain the integrity of the blanket.  SB Services have been designing and installing Nitrogen Generating systems which require only a supply of compressed air, frequently already on site, to deliver a continuous and reliable supply of high purity gaseous nitrogen.

Operating Principle

The Pneumogen filters Oxygen from a stream of compressed, dry air to produce gaseous nitrogen.  The flow and purity can be controlled to assure a perfect match to your requirements.

  • Food Processing & Packaging
  • Purging or Testing of Tanks or Vessels
  • Coffee Packaging
  • Chemical Solvent Blanketing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Purity of Nitrogen supplied 99.5%%
  • Flow rate of Nitrogen at 6 Bar 0.47MM3/Hr.
  • 37 Ltr. storage tank and in-built dosing system
  • 3 Stage filtration with pre-filter, coalescing and carbon filter.
  • Eliminates unexpected shut-downs due to ‘faulty’ or empty cylinders
  • Safe and Reliable
  • No manual handling or storage of gas cylinders required
  • No electrical line needed
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient low cost supply
  • Requires a compressed air supply of 7 bar to ISO8573 Class 1-4-1
  • Multi tank feed depending on flow
  • Packaging & Storage
  • Metal Finishing
  • Food Production & Packaging
  • Chemical handling
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • ATEX approved for use in      εx       II 2 G c T6 Environments