PNEUMOROLL® Pneumatic Drum Roller

The Pneumoroll is a fully air controlled and driven drum roller for mixing or blending of products or maintaining solids in suspension inside the drum, eliminating the need for special vessels and apparatus and exposing handlers to less potential hazard from contact with the drum contents or during clean-up.  The drum is fully guarded and safety interlocked to automatically shut off the drum roller when the safety guard is opened.

Operating Principle

Designed for mixing product in 205 Litre drums, the rotating action on of products inside the sealed drum ensures that contents are evenly mixed to homogeneity.  To operate, open the guard, place the drum onto the drum roller, then close the guard and press the start button to commence operation. Opening the guard immediately stops rotation.  Mixing of contents at 50 RPM is  effective for mixing most liquids, the rotational speed is adjustable.  Mixing and blending contents inside a sealed drum is most effective when there is an air gap in the drum.  Sealed drum mixing eliminates the risks of contamination or spills and splashing of dangerous contents onto handlers during operation or transfer.



  • Agitation of settled paints and inks
  • Pre Agitation of Paint before use in Spray Plants
  • Any product that settles out during storage and need mixing prior to use.
  • Safety interlock on guard stops rotation in open position
  • All pneumatic operation uses a low air-consumption, high torque,  piston air motor.
  • Factory fitted with FRL and ready to run from any 8mm o/d supply line
  • Each drum rolls on solid rubber tyres
  • Liquid Load Capacity 205 litres
  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • Easy access for fork lift loading
  • Timer operation to run for specified periods of time
  • Automatic reverse facility after specified time period
  • Pneumatic Tyre option for not steel drums.
  • Automatic audible alert via pneumatic horn after specified time period
  • Plastic drum handling utilising extra support rollers & retaining end stop
  • Elevating frame for easier drum loading
  • Printing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Material & Fluid Handling
  • Food Processing
  • Automation
  • Medical
  • ATEX or CE approved versions