PNEUMOCELL ® Load cell Liquid Level Detector

Used for continuous monitoring of liquid level in drums or pressure pots, the Pneumocell offers the advantage of non-invasive level detection in drums or pressure pots, and requires no modification of containers.  Available in both standard sizes; 25 litre and 205 litre Drum sizes, SB Services also manufacture to order with a bases scaled and sized to suit application specific requirements or non standard shaped drums.

Pneumocell Operating Principle

The Pneumocell has two separate components, the load cell platform onto which the pressure pot or drum is loaded and the control system, supplied in a separate steel enclosure. The platform houses the SB Designed “load cell” which gives an output when the weight of the container plus the weight of the required level of material reaches the switch point. By adjusting the bias pressure to the load cell from the adjustable regulator in the control system the switch point can be easily adjusted.  Depending upon what is required, the Pneumocell control system can be designed and configured to provide an output at High or Low level points, which can activate audible and visual alarms, turn pumps on or off, and open or close valves, depending on the application requirements.


  • Drum filling or emptying
  • Batch filling
  • Multiple liquid level signals or alarms
  • Pneumatic operation no electrical supply required.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Non-invasive
  • Available in Standard  5 Ltr, 25 Ltr and 205Ltr sizes
  • Operating Inlet Pressure Max 6 bar
  • Custom built units can be designed to customer requirements
  • Operating temperature -2° to +40°C
  • Adjustable switching point
  • Powder Coated Steel Platform
  • Powder Coated Steel Control System Enclosure
  • Car Manufacture Paint Plants
  • Printing  Industry for ink, varnish and solvent
  • Food Production
  • Petrol / Chemical
  • Spraying
  • Anywhere a liquid level needs to be monitored

ATEX approved for use in      εx       II 2 G c T6 Environments