PNEUMOSTIR® Pneumatic Driven Rotary Agitator

The Pneumostir is a pneumatic driven paddle agitator used mainly for light mixing or agitating products once mixed.  Used extensively within the solvent-borne and water-borne paint, ink and varnish industries, it also provides a durable, low energy solution to many applications within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Operating Principle

Driven by high quality Dynatork non-lubricated piston air motors, the Pneumostir features a high torque, low speed start and can offer an air consumption saving of over 80% on vane motor alternatives, thereby offering massive savings on the cost of producing the required compressed air.  The Pneumostir is a direct drive fully rotating agitator, and is available with 3 different sized motors to handle most fluids.  A 2:1 geared option is also offered for more viscous liquids and arduous applications.



  • Agitation of paint in drums or holding tanks
  • Blending of printing Inks and dyes
  • Pharmaceutical & food ingredient mixing
  • Paper pulp agitation
  • Blending of liquids in steel drums
  • Agitator type – Rotary Paddle
  • Working pressure 6.9 bar (100psi)
  • Suitable for 20Ltr, 205Ltr, 1000Ltr containers or special y manufactured tanks
  • Working speed range 50-400rpm
  • Max Torque  15.7Nm @ 100 rpm / 6.9 bar
  • Max air consumption 11.9 m³/h
  • Shaft diameter 15mm & 25.4mm
  • 80% less air needed than with vane motor
  • Highly economical to run
  • 316 Stainless steel shaft & Paddles
  • Air inlet connection 1/8” BSP on type 1, ¼ BSP on types 3 & 7
  • Noise 95db
  • Special mounting flange to customer requirements
  • Integral exhaust reclassifier
  • Timer system for timed mixed period
  • Interval on/off timer system for energy saving
  • Paint storage, mixing & Spray operations
  • Ink production & printing
  • Food Production
  • Pharmacutical Production
  • Dairy Processing
  • ATEX approved versions available for use in Class II 2 G Environments