PNEUMOHORN® Audible Alarm / Klaxon

Operating Principle

The Pneumohorn is a pneumatically powered audible alarm or klaxon.  Particularly suitable for a variety of industrial environments where use of electric or electronic equipment represents a hazard, and where use of pneumatic equipment is preferable or paramount to safety.


  • High / Low level Audible Indicator
  • Audible Warning Klaxon
  • Production process alarms
  • Clearly audible, even in noisy production environments
  • High Pitched blast –115 Dba Max
  • Audible up to 100 metres
  • Volume control fitted
  • Frequency 3000Hz
  • Pneumatic low flow Operation 20 – 100psi
  • Non corroding, dirt resistant high impact materials
  • Install flush panel mounted or free standing via a bracket
  • The Pneumohorn can be configured to work with any of the systems or equipment SB provides
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