PNEUMOSHAKE ® Pneumatic Can Shaker

The Pneumoshake provides a fully air controlled and driven mixing solution.  Designed to mix products in-can, prior to use, it maximises productivity and through-put by handling one 25 litre can or several smaller sized cans at any one time.

Operating Principle

Thorough mixing of can contents is achieved by oscillating the can. Capable of handling a variety of can sizes and quantities, the Pneumoshake operates using a rodless pneumatic cylinder, and is fitted with a safety guard that must be in place for the unit to operate.  The unit will automatically cut out when the safety guarded is raised to during in operation. For optimal results it is recommended that cans have a small air gap.to aid mixing.


  • Agitation of settled paints and inks
  • Pre Agitation of Paint before use in Spray Plants
  • Any product that settles out during storage and need mixing prior to use.
  • Simple on / off controls
  • Safety interlock on guard stops oscillation when in open position
  • All pneumatic operation uses a low air-consumption, rod less cylinders.
  • Factory fitted with FRL and ready to run from any 8mm o/d supply line
  • Can size Capacity 25 litres, or multiple smaller cans.
  • Automatic timer options for applications requiring specific mixing periods to ensure consistent results
  • Automatic reverse facility after specified period of operation
  • Automatic audible alert via pneumatic horn after specified time period
  • Printing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Material & Fluid Handling
  • Food Processing
  • Automation
  • Medical


  • ATEX approved for use in      εx       II 2 G c T6 Environments